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Client's rights

With the aim of guarantying one of our corporate values ‚Äď our commitment to the customer- we have formalized this declaration of "Client‚Äôs Rights" in order you know your rights regarding our legal advice and representation.


In this regard, Legal Link, as a firm is obliged to respect ethical principles and deontology of the profession set out in the Code of Ethics of the Bar Council of Europe, in the Code of Ethics of the General Council of Spanish Lawyers, in the Code of Catalan Lawyers, and those from the bars where our lawyers are members of.


This document is not an exhaustive list of rights, but informs you of your major rights when Legal Link advises and represents you. To this effect:


1.  Right to absolute discretion and confidentiality of Legal Link. However, Legal Link may comment on legal matters which are of public domain or may comment the name of clients for whom it works and legal issues in charge of, provided that the client has granted his/her permission to do so.


2.  Right to Legal Link is unable to present evidences in court or official proceedings, unless the client agrees to release it of its commitment of confidentiality.
3.  Right to Legal Link is unable to accept assignments involving professional actions against a former client when there is a risk that the confidentiality of information obtained in connection with the former client may be violated, or when any part of it might be beneficial to the new client.


4.  Right to Legal Link not arbitrarily keeps documents that were delivered by the client or retain them under the pretext of having outstanding fees.


5.  Right to Legal Link is free of any conflict of interest, which does not work directly or indirectly with the opponent or other third party, which is independent of any outside influence to ensure that the interests it represents will be preserved with absolute objectivity. However, Legal Link can advise both parties in a contractual operation, subject to the consent of both of them.


6.  Right to a Legal Link’s qualified lawyer in terms of client needs.


7.  Right to be properly informed, to receive advice on the relevant case, its viability, that is, the chances of success and consequences, the evolution of the case, any relevant resolution and the possibilities of transaction, convenience of external agreements or alternative solutions to litigation as well as, in an approximate way, the costs of legal representation and, if so, whether these outweigh the intended outcome of the lawsuit.


8.  Right to a preliminary budget for professional fees of Legal Link.
9.  Right to a separate management of his/her money with respect to Legal Link own assets.




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