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Spanish legal advice to companies on specialised cases


‚ÄúSometimes, being the smartest is not what counts, it is more important to have solved the same problem once before.‚ÄĚ


The following briefs about our Spanish legal advice to companies on real matters we work on have been expressly authorised by each one of the companies:p>

  • Online community and payment systems

    Habbo Hotel: Habbo Hotel was one of the first online communities focussed on young users and even under age users and it is still a worldwide leader on this type of community,¬† centred on a social network around users of an interactive game located in the ‚ÄúHabbo Hotel‚ÄĚ. Spanish legal¬†advice to this company¬†about¬†conditions that the community website should have. Special review to contract aspects and any responsibility related to the under age users. Review of the sale of virtual products within the game through payment by SMS premium system, premium rate telephony lines or other systems.

  • Non-profit Television

    Government of CataloniaGeneralitat de Catalunya (Government of Catalonia): Review and report on the regulation of the non-profit-making audio-visual communication services (specifically radio and television) and the key aspects for its development within the current Spanish regulation. Spanish legal advise on these services that have the purpose of allowing the participation of certain communities and of the civil society in general, in the audio-visual communication services.

  • Online Business

    Electronic Group InteractiveElectronic Group Interactive: Spanish lega services in all types of terms and conditions, contracts and the legalities of a range of online business offered at worldwide level, with different types of content, services and payment/billing systems. Agreements with webmasters and the legal advise necessary to manage affiliation programs and other specialized agreements within these business.

  • Mobile telephony networks roll out

    Government of CataloniaGeneralitat de Catalunya (Gorverment of Catalonia): Spanish legal advice in relation to the telecommunication regulations applicable to the  mobile networks roll out, and also in relation to the other applicable regulations such us town planning, environment, public health, at a European, national, regional and local level. Participating on the drafting of the guide for these infrastructures roll out.

  • Web 2.0 online advertising is one of the biggest worldwide online communities, which belongs to the company Fox Interactive. Legal Link provides Spanish legal services to in a range of matters and more specifically on commercial contracts relating to online advertising, publicity, promotions and copyright issues within the frame of a Web 2.0 online community.

  • Launching of fixed telephony and SMS operator

    Electronic Group TelecomElectronic Group Telecom: Spanish legal advise in all requirements for the launch and day to day operation of a fixed telephony and SMS operator focused mainly on Premium Rate and Intelligent Network Services. Notification to the Spanish Telecommunications Regulator, obtaining all necessary types of numbering blocks, advising in the negotiation of interconnection with the major mobile operators, drafting of all user/client's contracts. Particular advice with regard to the SMS numbering process and to premium rate numbers pricing.

  • Mobile telephone networks

    Centre de Recerca en Governança del RiscCentre de Recerca en Governança del Risc. Entity belonging to the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and Universitat de Barcelona: Spanish Legal services in relation to the requirements, obligations, difficulties and legal options in order to achieve an efficient roll out of mobile telephony networks, bearing in mind all applicable regulations and the intervention of mobile operators and local administrations.Legal team advising on a global report which also included the technical, financial, social and environment parts in relation to the mobile networks roll out.

  • Contextual online marketing

    AedgencyAedgency: Spanish legal advise to this company and drafting terms and conditions and contracts in relation to advertising agreements within worldwide affiliate program and a global contextual network for both advertisers and publishers.

  • Tv contests

    MovilistoMovilisto: Spanish legal services and revision of the premium legality of tv programs for contests where users send premium SMS or call to a premium telephone number. Revision of compliance with current legislation applicable to telecommunications, television, consumers, advertisement, games and contests.

  • Online payment systems

    Commerce GateCommerce Gate: Spanish legal services on agreements for online payment systems with credit card's processors and others. Reviewing contracts between merchants and banks for the online payment bank clearance and all aspects related thereto. Assisting in any conflict in front of banks and credit card companies in relation with compliance matters.

  • Sponsored city council wifi

    Aviles city councilAviles city council: Spanish legal advice, drafting and follow up of the formal demand submitted to the Spanish Telecommunication Regulator (CMT) regarding the possibility of the city council of Avilés to offer free wifi to users in some areas of the town, although financing such activity with sponsors. The CMT resolves the demand, and for the very first time in Spain, confirms the possibility for a Public Administration to offer free telecommunication services competing in the market and financed by advertisers. Also, it sets out different legal options for this financing and the way the city council of Aviles should allocate the costs.

  • Web-to-mobile services

    KimiaKimia: Spanish legal advice and drafting of standard contracts to sing with mobile telecommunications operators in order to provide Kimia services of internet content adaptation to be used on mobile phones, in the way content search, publication and sharing can be done from the mobile. 


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